Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving from Mere Light

Dear Friends

It has been a great joy to spend this phase of online communications and relationships with you here on Mere Light.

To my surprise, Google tells me that Mere Light had

Pageview chart 25757 pageviews - 748 posts

For the sake of greater ease of posting and fewer logins and contortions, I am moving future content to my TumblogFrank Kaufmann

I hope you will follow me there

Also, I've a few other places where I publish my blog style content.  These include


My published articles and commentary will continue to appear in the newspapers and on line media as usual. News of new articles will always be announced at least in the Tumblog. So you can't get to all articles from there.

Thank you all again for your loving support.  See you in my new media


Frank K

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