Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Democrat crusade for irrelevance

Gas hit sixty dollars a barrel today. Iraq fatalities and casualties drip daily into the sandstone of citizen confidence. Rogue states own and build nuclear weapons with impunity, and the Democrats nobly and fiercely joust at the windmill named John Bolton.

The United Nations lies crippled under a pathetic scandal of simple greed and graft, which spread like cancer to every crevice of the long-ineffective world organization.

In the post-Soviet-era, the United States and the United Nations vie to posture as the defining world organization. The United States abandoned any pretense of collaboration with the United Nations on March 19, 2003 by inventing its own international organization (which it called “the coalition of the willing”) to support its decision to attack Sadam’s Iraq with the full force of its military.

The food for oil scandal, reaching as it does into the very family of the US sanctioned UN Secretary General Anan, leaves the international organization crippled and decimated. The US – UN competition to “rule the world” is like one of those high school softball games when the score reaches 23 – 0 in the 3rd inning. As the US continues its Bush-signature, foreign policy, with Secretary of State Rice thumping out a “no-tolerance” doctrine around the world, what difference could it possibly make who the US ambassador to the UN is? What average citizen cares even remotely who the US ambassador to the UN is?

The Democrats picked their Snidely Whiplash, big-mustachioed bad guy in John Bolton as the vehicle through which to nip Chihuahua-like at the heels of the all Republican, all the time majority in all branches of government.

Republicans can only hope that Mr. Bolton holds up and is willing to remain the poster-boy for Republican meanness. The Democrats for their part, in the place of genuine, creative ideas and constructive alternatives can enjoy a few more rushes at the red cape of the mean Mr. Bolton, while Republican matadors can enjoy the opportunity to inch the United States saber by saber toward becoming a one party state.