Sunday, June 02, 2013

Lectures at D.O.N.E. - May, 2013

D.O.N.E (Development of New environments) is a European based youth leadership program.

Participants train themselves through service, spiritual regimen, seminars and education, and fiscal and life-style responsibility and self-sufficiency.

The program trains participants to forge and develop cross cultural competence and relationships through travel and interpersonal collaboration in all areas of training.

I have been blessed with the opportunity for the past many years to teach during the classroom education component of the program.  I teach on self-development, social harmony, environmental sensibility, and self-sufficiency.

This year my son Frone is in the program.

Here are a couple of shots taken at the end of our studies this year:

Just prior to my time teaching, the group toured Israel and Palestine on a peace and service mission.

Here is a lovely video of their travels in the Holy Land